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210 Barrel tank with a sandstone gel-coat finish

210 Barrel

The 210 Barrel (9,000 gallon) tank is for water and other liquid storage.

  • Fresh water, salt and most petroleum based liquids

  • Weather and corrosion resistance

  • Three layer construction (2 chopped mat and 1 woven mat)

  • Lids are available to reduce evaporation or contamination

  • Tank halves are bolted together and seam is glassed on location by G&G professionals

  • Easy transport to remote areas

  • Price includes delivery and set –up within 75 mile radius

  • 3” top lip for additional strength

  • Up to 2 (4” or smaller) fittings provided standard, other sizes on request

  • 6’ X 16’

  • 1200 lbs

  • Lid can be made with or without manway.

 Retail Prices

Open:  $3,500

With lid:  $4,500

Oilfield / Ranch / Farm Use


                  210 Barrel with lid and a sandstone gel-coat finish

50 Barrel

The 50 barrel (2,100 Gallon) tank is made exactly like the 210, but comes as one piece.

  • It’s 6’2” tall and 8’ diameter. 

  • It weighs 400 lbs. and comes with two 2” connections standard. 

  • Other sizes (up to 4”) are available on request.  A lid is also available with or without a manway.  The price on this tank is FOB Eldorado, TX

 Retail Prices

Open:  $1,200

With lid:  $1,600

Oilfield / Ranch / Farm Use

50 Barrel tanks can either be finished with resin or gel-coat


110 Tank

The 110 Bbl tank is just like the 210, but is a smaller capacity.

  • It’s 11.5’ Diameter  X 6’ H.

  • Capacity is 4,620 Gallons.

 Retail Prices

Open:  $2,700

With lid:  $3,300

12ft. Water Trough finished with sandstone gel-coat

12 Ft. Water Trough

12 Ft.  Water Trough

Tough, easily portable traditional rectangular water trough.

  • Constructed with G&G’s rugged three layer (2 chopped mat and 1 woven mat) fiberglass method

  • Designed to outlast cement and galvanized designs for years of trouble free service in all conditions

  • Meets the specs for NRCS fiberglass storage troughs

  • 2” bottom drain for easy clean out, 2” inlet connection

  • Tapered interior walls to guard against ice cracking

  • Insulation properties superior to cement or galvanized steel designs

  • Special connections available upon request

  • Low profile, extra heavy duty, weather resistant fiberglass float cover

  • Sandstone resin coat

  • Length:  12’

  • Width (inside/outside) Top – 24”/29”  Bottom – 22”/32”

  • Depth (inside):  14”

  • Capacity (full):  190 Gal.

  • Weight:  200 lb.

 Retail Price




Round Water Trough

Round Water Trough

Tough, easily portable round water trough for areas where storage for a larger volume of water is important

  • Same construction, etc. 2” drain for easy clean out.

  • Special connections available on request

  • Height:  24”

  • Diameter:  7.5’

  • Wall Thickness:  3/8” (approx.)

  • Capacity (full):  630 Gal.

  • Weight (empty) 150 lb.

 Retail Price



All the tanks and troughs are Sandstone gel-coat...except the 50's.

They can either be finished with resin or gel-coat.


"Makers of the famous Pot-Belly blinds and all sizes of fiberglass tanks and troughs."



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