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Fiberglass tanks, since their inception, have been a significant improvement over other types of tank construction. Their major benefits as compared to other tanks are:

  • A Significant Rigidity to Weight Ratio

Fiberglass construction produces products that are flexible and strong and their weight is significantly less than steel. Steel Tanks can be damaged easily during shipping or on the construction site thus requiring repairs and time. Also in a relatively short steel tanks can have their structure rusted away compromising their integrity. In an oil field setting this could bring heat sources to explosive liquids. Fiberglass is extremely flexible but if damaged is easily repaired without producing heat, required for steel tanks, that would ignite liquids.

  • Ability to Withstand Corrosive Liquids Under Many Applications

Resistance to corrosion in aggressive environments is one of the primary reasons for specifying fiberglass tanks. Typical types of corrosion do not affect fiberglass. This would include galvanic, aerobic, pitting and inter-granular corrosion which harms metals but not fiberglass. Although fiberglass resists a wide range of chemicals and temperatures, it requires the right design, fabrication and installation to match the appropriate application. For example, fiberglass may be subject to chemical attack from hydrolysis, oxidation, or incompatible solutions; however, the proper resin/glass matrix will address this chemical attack problem.

  • Ability to Withstand Environmental Stresses

Since many oil fields are located in either hurricane or tornado country fiberglass tanks offer the ability to withstand winds and flying debris significantly better than steel.

  • Ease of Delivery

Since the rise in fuel cost, fiberglass as noted before, has a significant reduction in the size to weight ratio. This makes the cost for delivery is measurably less. Another cost reduction is from the size of equipment needed, at the construction site, to off load and place at its final location.



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